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It was our desire to bring back to life “The Litans’ Garden” (as our grandfather used to call it) that spurred us in 2000 to begin our adventure, recovering our family’s vineyard in Riomaggiore that had been abandoned for many years.

We’re talking about that segment of coastline called Costa de Sèra, a special zone due to its microclimate, those steep slopes that overlook the bay of Canetto, which is part of the Cinque Terre Protected Marine Area.

With dedication, passion and great effort we managed to open our winery in 2006, naming it “Cantine Litàn“ in honor of our grandfather Giulio.

The current size of our vineyard is about 15,000 square meters.

In 2010 we converted a fertile pasture in the Vara Valley village of Cavanella to the production of red grapes. The green hills just behind the Cinque Terre are well suited for viticulture. Our sunny farm of 10,000 square meters sits on a gentle slope facing south-east, where the good temperature range between day and night enables excellent olfactory results.
Using the principles of natural agriculture, we obtain our red wines.

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Ciàn der pàadisu 2018

TERROIR, THE GROUND, VINEYARD WORK AND THE HARVEST Ground: Sandy-Limy. Grapes variety: Rossese bianco 70%, Piccabon 30%. Extent of the vineyard: At the present time, 2500mq, natural agriculture dictates used Vine training method: Guyot counter. Read more…

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